Sleepy Shamrocks

I love purple shamrocks, or Oxalis as they are scientifically called. They are simply the most beautiful and unique plants. They remind me of butterflies during the day and then they look like triangles when they ‘sleep’ at night. But plants that move are always intriguing to me. Plant Movement These plants move! While everyone

Spice 6 Restaurant Review

I love chicken curry. It’s one of my favorite Indian foods. But, when I think of Indian food, quick doesn’t usually come to mind. But, after visiting Spice 6 in Hyattsville, MD, my mind has changed. An Indian Chipotle Imagine Chipotle, but Indian. Spice 6 is set up the same way. You walk in and

Non-Breakfast Breakfast

I’ve never been a big fan of traditional breakfast food. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon? I just don’t eat them on a daily basis. I am much more a fan of the ‘non-breakfast, breakfast.’ Non-Breakfast, Breakfast Now, what is the non-breakfast, breakfast you may ask? Well, it’s anything but the

Preppy Prep

 I think the thing I dislike most about meal planning and cooking generally is the preparation. I love the actual cooking, stirring and seasoning, but I hate the chopping, peeling, etc. To make this process less painful and more efficient, I like to do what I’ve dubbed the prep once cook twice method.  Think Ahead

Restaurant Must Haves

When I eat out I want the atmosphere to be just as good as the food, or else what’s the point? Although sometimes, when I’m really hungry, the ambiance doesn’t matter as much. That’s when I’ll opt for a buffet or some place where there’s only a few tables and chairs and the walls are