I love chicken curry. It’s one of my favorite Indian foods. But, when I think of Indian food, quick doesn’t usually come to mind. But, after visiting Spice 6 in Hyattsville, MD, my mind has changed.

An Indian Chipotle

Imagine Chipotle, but Indian. Spice 6 is set up the same way. You walk in and there’s a buffet like set up where you can choose from a variety of options. There’s warm and rather large Naan bread that could easily feed two people and there are several popular curries, both veggie and meat.

Fresh & Hot

The food is fresh and hot. Two things that are important at any restaurant, no matter what the cuisine. I was impressed with the flavors as well. Everything is spicy, but if you’re craving Indian, I imagine you’re prepared for the spice. Unfortunately, my tummy wasn’t as prepared as my tastebuds were, so I couldn’t actually eat it all (an over 40 digestive tract is sometimes testy).

Quick & Casual

But, if you want a quick and casual Indian bite, Spice 6 delivers. I am more of a fan of ambiance with my dining out, especially if I’m going to eat in, but most of the patrons are there for a quick casual bite and many patrons ate their food with their outerwear on.

So, if you’re ever in the Hyattsville, MD area and are craving Indian in a hurry, Spice 6 will give you a spicy infusion of Indian fare that is both economical and quick. I’ll try not to think of that when I’m at home making my own slower version.

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