I love purple shamrocks, or Oxalis as they are scientifically called. They are simply the most beautiful and unique plants. They remind me of butterflies during the day and then they look like triangles when they ‘sleep’ at night. But plants that move are always intriguing to me.

Plant Movement

These plants move! While everyone knows that plants are living things, sometimes it’s easy to forget because most plants remain still. But Shamrocks’ leaves move in response to light and touch. During the day they spread their leaves out and resemble the Irish three leaf clover or a flying butterfly. And during the night, they close up and look like triangles. They are a beautiful plant to keep and watch as a houseplant.

Easy Care

One of the reasons that these plants make excellent houseplants is that they are difficult to kill. If you forget to water them for a while, their leaves will die back and the plant will look like it’s dead, but it just goes dormant and the bulbs under the soil will keep them alive. Just water them and they will start to grow again.


If you live in a warm climate, you can plant this beauty outside, but be careful because in some areas it’s considered a weed. But, even if you live in a cooler climate, you can enjoy the purple shamrock or Oxalis Triangularis all year-round as a houseplant. Visit your local nursery during this St. Patrick’s Day and see if you can add it to your collection.

Green Shamrock “Oxalis Triangularis”

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