When I eat out I want the atmosphere to be just as good as the food, or else what’s the point? Although sometimes, when I’m really hungry, the ambiance doesn’t matter as much. That’s when I’ll opt for a buffet or some place where there’s only a few tables and chairs and the walls are bare. But, if I’m going to make the effort to get dressed, get in the car and drive to a restaurant, I want to experience all the feels. 


One of the things I look for and remember most about a restaurant is the ambiance. The ultimate look and feel that I get when I walk in, sit down and experience all that an eating establishment has to offer. I know that the food needs to taste good and the service needs to be up to par, but if everything is great but the ambiance is lacking, I’m not going to go back. I like to savor restaurant experiences, just like I like to savor the food. So, a restaurant needs to have an engaging and memorable ambiance. It’s as simple as an Italian restaurant’s decor replicating Italian architecture and style. I could sit in a restaurant for hours when the ambiance is right.


Now, it almost goes without saying that service is almost equal to food quality when it comes to restaurant must haves. I don’t care how good the food is, if the service is sub-par, that restaurant will never see me again. I once went to a restaurant where I loved the food but the servers kept walking past my table without addressing me for twenty minutes. I was not happy. So, I don’t visit that location.


Okay, I love good food. That’s why I blog about it. But one of the things I absolutely hate when I go out to eat is getting food that is cold, under-seasoned or stale. I don’t care what the cuisine or whether it’s a fine restaurant or a hole -in-the-wall. A restaurant has to have hot, seasoned and fresh food to keep me coming back for more. Sadly, it’s difficult to find a restaurant that combines ambiance, service and good food all in one. So begins my quest for restaurants that do this in my neck of the woods. As I find them, I will let you know!

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