I’ve never been a big fan of traditional breakfast food. I mean, who doesn’t love pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon? I just don’t eat them on a daily basis. I am much more a fan of the ‘non-breakfast, breakfast.’

Non-Breakfast, Breakfast

Now, what is the non-breakfast, breakfast you may ask? Well, it’s anything but the traditional American pancakes, bacon and egg breakfast. I would love to eat pancakes every morning, but who has the time each and every day. And, the carb content makes me sluggish and hungrier throughout the day. So, I’ve found alternatives. I eat things for breakfast that are normally found in lunch or ‘gasp,’ even dinner.

Beefy Cheese Pastas

I don’t know why I used to feel guilty for eating non-breakfast breakfasts, but I’ve gotten over it. I now eat things like my leftover baked ziti for breakfast without breaking a sweat. The scrumptious combination of ground beef, cheese and pasta gives me the perfect protein to carb ratio that energizes me throughout the day. Because, after all, breakfast is just the first meal that breaks your fast from the night before. So what if I don’t have pancakes, bacon or eggs for breakfast? Are the breakfast police going to write me a ticket? I think not.


In addition to pasta dishes, like baked ziti, I also get a kick out of eating traditional quesadillas for breakfast. Note, I didn’t say breakfast quesadillas which are typically just traditional bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches wrapped in a tortilla. I do like these too, but I love eating chicken and provolone quesadillas for breakfast. They also combine protein, carbs and dairy in a way that gives me more energy and makes me less hungry during the day than a stack of pancakes or a bowl of cereal.


Finally, I will actually eat leftover dinner for breakfast. Not because I don’t have time to make breakfast, but because I find that having a filling meal packed with a higher protein ratio makes me less hungry and carries me throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spicy curry or a savory stew with bread. To switch it up I’ll have the stew over rice for dinner and eat it with bread and voila, it turns dinner into breakfast. So, join me in this new trend and tomorrow morning have a non-breakfast breakfast, I think you’ll love it.

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