Let’s face it, not everyone has time to spend hours in the kitchen, even if they like to cook. Meal planning solves this problem and a host of others. Tired of having to constantly empty your refrigerator of spoiled and disgusting food? Tired of spending time in front of your open fridge wondering where to put the food you were going to make for dinner? Wondering what to make for dinner? If you plan your meals, these questions are answered efficiently, saving time as well. But, where do you start? When I first started meal planning, I failed because I didn’t use the proper tools. You have to have a plan, but you need the right tools for how you like to operate or it isn’t going to be much fun. And, it has to be a little fun for you to stick with it, am I right? BigOven is an online and mobile tool that makes meal planning not only fun, but efficient, convenient, easy and fun to use.

Multiple Platforms

If you’re like me, sometimes a meal idea comes to you when you’re on your laptop, or when you’re on your tablet or phone. With BigOven, it doesn’t matter because they have an online web version with drag and drop and a mobile version. I don’t like to have to do the same task twice, so this makes it easier for me to avoid having to write down an idea when I’m in one place and needing to transfer it later. If I’m working, I can add a meal idea directly to BigOven and access it on my other devices later.

Use Up Leftovers Tool

Now, this feature is a game changer. Using up leftovers not only helps you save time, it reduces waste, prevents fridge build up and reduces stress. BigOven has a great leftover tool that lets you enter up to three items you have leftover from a previous meal and gives you ideas for other meals. So, say you have leftover rice, beef and potatoes from stew the day before and you don’t feel like eating stew, you just enter the ingredients and BigOven will suggest other meals.

Grocery List

There’s also a grocery list tool that lets you add your own grocery items and even better, adds recipe items automatically. This is an awesome time saver when you’re planning a Thanksgiving menu or other menus that have multiple items that would be tedious and time-consuming to add individually. BigOven also sorts your grocery list by grocery store isle.


Another great and I think unique feature that BigOven offers is menus. You can create your own menus like I did below, or save even more time by searching and using menus by BigOven or other users. Menus are simply a collection of meals that are used on a certain day or up to seven days. Menus are great because they simplify meal planning on complex meal planning days like holidays or parties.


Finally, this is the time of social media and sharing is caring. BigOven lets you share your recipes, plans and lists in a variety of different ways. You can download your meal plan as a Word document, email or text it. You can do the same with your recipes and grocery lists. You can invite other family members to your grocery list too so they can add or do the shopping. Ultimately, I found that BigOven was the best tool for me and believe me, I’ve tried my fair share. BigOven is definitely one of my BFFs and hopefully it will be one of yours soon too.

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