One look at a hellebore and you notice right away that they are beautiful. What’s so special about that, most flowers are beautiful, right? Yes, but hellebores have some unique characteristics.

It’s one thing to bloom when conditions are perfect. When it’s sunny, when there’s enough water and fertilizer, it’s easy to grow to the best of your ability in these types of conditions. But, what if it’s icy, snowy and the ground is frozen over? Hellebores are flowers that can grow even when it’s nasty outside.

I bought my first hellebore last spring and fell in love with them. But I didn’t know then what I know now. These beauties can grow through anything. I didn’t have time to plant them in the ground outside before it got cold, so I left them in their pots to see if they would make it through the winter. And they did! I went outside and they were covered in snow but you could see their new colorful buds peaking through and where I started with two flowers, now I had five or six. Not only did they grow, they multiplied.

Because they bloom in winter, these flowers give your yard and garden colorful winter interest. They come in a variety of colors and varieties and no matter your taste, you are sure to find one you will love. But, one of their best qualities is that they are perennial. So, they will come back year after year to grace your garden with their phenomenal presence.

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