This may not be a popular view in light of today’s surge of self published books, but I think that there are some benefits to traditional publishing that cannot be readily duplicated by self publishing. Don’t stone me, just hear me out.

Creates a Good Work Ethic

I am in no way saying that self publishers don’t have a good work ethic. What I am saying is that traditional publishing teaches good writing work ethic. You have to be very disciplined to keep yourself from self publishing a work before it is actually ready. Who is there making sure that you revise and polish your work til it shines besides the author? When you go the traditional route, you are forced by your publisher, editor and agent to make sure your book is ready to meet the world.

Working with Others

Let’s face it, a lot of writers are solitary workers. We’re loners who like to work alone. Choosing the traditional publishing route forces us to work with and interact with other people about our writing. This builds a thicker skin. We writers can be a sensitive lot when it comes to our writing. It’s a good practice at some point to have an outside critical eye view your writing. I’m not saying that this is a good thing at all stages of the writing process, but at some point, both the writer and the writing will benefit from this interaction.

Wider Reach

Finally, unless a writer is both a marketing expert and a writer, going the traditional route saves a writer the time and energy of trying to do it all. Having a publishing house do the marketing for you allows the writer to focus on their task at hand, writing. Not all writers are great marketers, and that isn’t why they became writers in the first place. A traditional publisher has spent years, money and resources to be able to reach a wide market. Writers can take advantage of this and take the time to make sure their writing is the best it can be. So, while self publishing might be the best route for some, for many writers, the traditional route works best.

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